Isabella Tena celebrated her 16th birthday on the set of ‘Invincible Love’: Angelique Boyer was part of the surprise celebration (photos) | Famous

Thanks to the filming of this telenovela, Isabella has created close relationships with Angelique Boyer and Danilo Carrera, who dedicated loving words to her for her birthday and, together with the production of the melodrama, spoiled her with a surprise celebration.

Isabella Tena turned 16: the cast of ‘Invincible Love’ prepared a surprise party for her

“Today I had to celebrate my birthday doing what I like the most and with people I admire too much,” he wrote in part of the ‘caption’ of his birthday post on Instagram.

The production team and actors decorated one of the sets with balloons and a Happy Birthday sign for this surprise celebration that brought Isabella to tears.

In a short clip that he shared on his Instagram, Tena showed the emotion and great surprise he felt when he saw these beautiful details of the crew and cast of ‘El amor invincible’.

Boyer also dedicated some nice words to him during this celebration, as reported by an entertainment magazine present at the celebration.

“You are a beautiful young woman, with incredible values ​​and we will not only celebrate you today, but the entire soap opera.”

“You are our beautiful girl, an angel and we love you very much for your enormous talent, professionalism and the great person you are”, were the words that Danilo Carrera expressed affectionately to Tena.

Isa, as she is known to her fans, also published a photo with Eric Morales, director of ‘El amor invincible’, with which she showed further evidence of the affection that exists in this production.

In addition to her celebration on the recording set, Isabella celebrated with a dinner with her loved ones, in which she wore a tight red minidress with a pronounced neckline.

Tell us, what did you think of Isabella Tena’s surprise party? Did you know that she was already a 16-year-old girl?