‘Island of the famous’: This is how the teams were

The tribes were born at the close of the first chapter of ‘The Island of the Famous’. The ‘Amazonas’ are so far the largest team, with eight female members. The ‘Spartans’, made up of men, were the ones sacrificed by being left with one less competitor. Meanwhile, Los ‘Koi’ are the mixed group that was created in an unexpected way.

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When the first signs of strategies between men and women were just beginning to be woven, the race for one hundred million pesos took a complete turn. At the end of the first of the 50 days that the 22 participants will be on trial, they were redistributed.

Nobody expected what would come after the women chose Tania Robledo as the weakest woman: “Maybe not having integrated so much the first night left them with the impression that I am the most vulnerable. But the last will be the first”, affirmed the actress.

Tatán Mejía did not stop giving surprises in ‘The island of celebrities’

Immediately afterwards, the men took the actor Juancho Arango to the bench of the weakest, who accepted that his physical condition and age leave him at a disadvantage compared to the rest of the competitors.

The shock came with the presenter’s announcement. Tania and Juancho would be the first to form a new team that would be joined by two more members chosen by them. ‘Leo cook’ and Lina Real were chosen: “I feel proud to belong to this team because that means they look big and strong” added the athlete.

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The game continued for this mixed tribe which they called ‘Koi’, which means balance. Tatán Mejía randomly distributed some stones among the men; whoever had the different colored stone was to go on to the fledgling team. The singer Juan Palau was selected by destiny.

The night continued with the election of one representative per team, who had to decide which of the teams between men or women would keep its eight members. After deciding unanimously that the women would be the largest tribe, Federico Rivera, leader of the men, had to make one last decision: mention the one who would complete the ‘Koi’ group. The comedian Camilo Sánchez was chosen by the actor.

‘Amazonas’, ‘Espartos’ and ‘Koi’ will show if men can live without women and vice versa or if complementing each other will definitely be the best. This will be known as the competition progresses.