“It breaks my heart” – Helene Fischer reports on the Ukraine conflict “kleinezeitung.at

Born in Russia, she wore a blue and yellow ribbon at a concert in Switzerland: “I deeply despise what is going on and especially this one person.”

5:46 p.m., March 27, 2022


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An ihrem Oberteil trug die 37-Jährige eine kleine Schleife in den Nationalfarben der Ukraine – Blau und Gelb, auch die Bühne wurde in den Farben beleuchtet, wie auf einem Video zu sehen war. "In meiner akuten Situation nimmt mich das noch mehr mit. Ich bin wahnsinnig emotional gerade zurzeit, sehr nah am Wasser gebaut", sagte sie weiter. "Ich möchte einfach ein Zeichen der Solidarität senden." Fischer wurde 1984 im s, imagePathAltText=, channelBean=null, externId=-1, wordCount=232, author=, currentMpliLockRuleListStr=::, tags=, imageSource=null, blendleTier=, displayDate=Sun Mar 27 17:46:00 CEST 2022, popupSizeY=0, popupType=, linkUSVTList=[], mpliId=-1, popupSizeX=0, link=, breadcrumbOverwrite=0, title="Mir bricht es das Herz" – Helene Fischer meldet sich zum Ukrainekonflikt, watchList=5, displayDateStr=27.03.2022 17:46, blendleJwtToken=, lines=0, teaserShort=Gebürtige Russin trug blau-gelbe Schleife bei Konzert in der Schweiz: "Ich verabscheue zutiefst, was da gerade vor sich geht und vor allem diesen einen Menschen.", class=class at.beit.common.articlelist.ArticleVO, channelId=0, createDate=Sun Mar 27 17:46:00 CEST 2022, blendleEnabled=false, policyAgencyId=481, createDateStr=27.03.2022 17:46, layoutId=-1, masterChannelId=-1, imagePathText=Helene Fischer: deutliche Worte / Bild: ZDF/ORF/MASER, channelName1=null, changeUser=melsadazeczejnic, displayTimeStr=17:46, channelName=null, createUser=baumhackl, linkType=, ranking=0, automaticLead=0, changeDateStr=27.03.2022 18:27, kicker=Schlagerstar reagiert, newstickerStatus=0, teaser=Gebürtige Russin trug blau-gelbe Schleife bei Konzert in der Schweiz: "Ich verabscheue zutiefst, was da gerade vor sich geht und vor allem diesen einen Menschen."} -->

Helene Fischer: clear words © ZDF/ORF/MASER

singer Helene Fischer, who was born in Russia, was visibly moved when she spoke about the war of aggression against the Ukraine at her first concert after a long break. “It breaks my heart to see that,” said Fischer at the “Snowpenair” festival on Sunday in Grindelwald, Switzerland. “Every day the images of families torn apart; of fathers, brothers, soldiers, husbands who have to die. Of women who have to flee.”

On her top, the 37-year-old wore a small bow in the national colors of Ukraine – blue and yellow, and the stage was also illuminated in the colors, as can be seen on a video. “In my acute situation, it takes me even more. I’m incredibly emotional right now, built very close to the water,” she continued. “I just want to send a sign of solidarity.” Fischer was born in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, in 1984, but came to Germany with her family as a small child, is one of the biggest entertainment stars and takes part in major TV shows on ORF and ZDF.

“I absolutely despise what is going on and especially this one person. I think you know who I am talking about. This one man who has too much power,” she said, referring to Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin. Maybe the fans wanted to give something back after this beautiful day together and make a small contribution and donate or help, Fischer said to the applause of the audience. Then she sang Marius Müller-Westernhagen’s hit “Freiheit”.