“It cannot be refused”: Ségolène Royal ready for Matignon

Sunday April 24, 2022, Emmanuel Macron was elected President of the Republic for the second time. For his part, Jean Castex would be on the way out and Ségolène Royal would see herself as Prime Minister if the opportunity arose, as she confided to “BFMTV”.

With 58.54% of the vote in his favour, against 41.46% for Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron was re-elected President of the Republic on Sunday April 24, 2022. Even before knowing the results of this presidential election, Jean Castex made know thathe would give up Matignon in an interview with France Inter April 19:I am one of those who think thata new impetus after the re-election of the president must be found.” And to specify: “After this re-election, in the following days, as tradition dictates, I will submit my resignation and that of the government to the President of the Republic.“Since then, speculation has been swirling around this reworked government. Invited on the BFMTV set, Monday April 25, Ségolène Royal assured that she could accept the role of Prime Minister if she was offered: “It cannot be refused!

My political experience taught me not to answer questions that aren’t asked. But if it is posed, I will think” said the former companion of François Hollande. And to add:Matignon never refuses!”. Also present on the set, the political journalist Alain Duhamel also had fun imagining the appointment of the former ambassador in charge of international negotiations for the Arctic and Antarctic poles: “If it’s the Mélenchon block which wins (Editor’s note, in the legislative elections), I would like Ségolène Royal much better in Melenchon.” And the person concerned to bounce back with mischief: “Do not annoy me with Jean-Luc Mélenchon!

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This other politician approached for Matignon

If Ségolène Royal imagined herself as Prime Minister in a rather utopiananother woman has been cited many times for the resumption of this oh so crucial post: Elisabeth Borne. The Minister of LaborEmployment and Integration has indeed been described on many occasions as the good student of Emmanuel Macron’s government, having succeeded in bring up sensitive topics. “The two reforms considered impossible for the five-year term, on the SNCF and unemployment insurance, it was Elisabeth Borne who controlled them”, noted Christophe Castaner in the columns of the Figaro in mid-April.

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