“It closed doors for me”: Mathilde Seigner reveals the consequences of Camping on her career (ZAPTV)

Wednesday, December 28, Mathilde Seigner confided in the program En aparté, on the consequences of the Camping saga on her career. The actress saw some doors close after the release of the first part of the saga.

After several months in the shadows, Mathilde Seigner returns to the front of the stage starring in the movie Choir of rockers.It’s just that I’ve worked a lot in my life and still had drama in my life for a year and a half“, she confided at the beginning of the year 2022. Indeed, Mathilde Seigner not only lost her father but also one of his closest friends, Yves Renier. After these consecutive losses, the renowned actress decided to change her life drastically. She moved down south and began to live a life more like her. In his new region, Mathilde Seigner has even made new friends, people who resource it. “I want to live, to enjoy life, to have time for myself“, she confirmed.

This time away from the cameras and the spotlight was an opportunity for the one who started her career very young to take stock of a long journey. A very eventful life and a career made up of very different projects. After making a remarkable debut in auteur films, Mathilde Seigner entered the hearts of the French while starring in the hit movie, Camping. A saga which has recorded millions of entries, but which has paid dearly. “I speak the truth. Today it is a cult film. At the time, I heard a lot of directorswho would have made me turn – I will not say names – who told me : ‘Too bad you did Camping‘. VShas closed doors on me”she said in an interview with Nathalie Levyin the show As an asideWednesday, December 28, 2022.

No turning back

Cult for a long time, the film does not erase the many missed opportunities of the actress : “It closed doors for me, because today it is cult. But at the time, it was big popular comedy. (…) I remember my agent at the timewho let me do it, but who told me that it closed doors on another cinema“, she confirmed.

However, Mathilde Seigner does not seem to have any regrets. Looking back, the actress knows she can be proud of her career. “It’s already good to have a career, to have already taken off the tarmac a bit, as they say. There are people who don’t have that chance. Obviously, I’m not going to be dishonest, I tell myself that for sure it closed doors for me for rewardsfor prices, but it’s not just that”. But her decision is made, she won’t come back”never” in one part of the saga Camping.

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