“It destroyed my life”: Magali Berdah bursts into tears when she talks about the cyberbullying of which she is the victim

Friday January 20, 2023, Magali Berdah was invited on the set of BFM Story, on BFMTV. Victim of cyberbullying for eight months, the leader of the influencer agency Shauna Events burst into tears when talking about her daily life.

A real cry from the heart… For almost a year, Magali Berdah has been the target of the rapper Boobawho accuses him of fraud. Friday January 20, 2023, the leader of the influencer agency Shauna Events went to the set of BFM Story, on BFMTV, to discuss the cyberbullying she experiences on a daily basis. Moved, she assured: “It destroyed my life, it didn’t change my life. VShas really destroyed my life. Because, when you open your phone, you get insulted, you open the Internet, you see your address broadcast, you have to move…“Tears in her eyes, Magali Berdah said, referring to the rapper:”I moved my offices, he released a video of my new offices the next day, when I hadn’t even released it to the registry yet.

On set of the show, the reality contestants’ agent said, “People were arrested and taken to the criminal court for aggravated blackmail attempt (…) He promised money, according to the statements of the person who was arrested, to buy audios, completely cut on Booba’s site and taken out of context.“Upset, Magali Berdah assured:”Cyberbullying is killing. Until the victim dies, the cyberstalker will not stop.Under investigation for deceptive marketing practices, she added:I’m being singled out for practices that don’t exist. And if it exists and although I am summoned and questioned, I have no problem with it.

Magali Berdah: “100,000 death threats against someone shouldn’t happen again”

In all transparency, the young woman indicated that she had thought of suicide. However, she decided to fight. “You have to live, because what’s happening to me today shouldn’t happen to anyone else. At least that’s what it’s for. So I decided to stay, and I fight every day to keep my family alive, and then also, to go all the way.“, she said. Finally, Magali Berdah added: “What is happening, it must not happen again: 100,000 death threats against someone, it must not happen again (…) Taking out fake news all day, taken out of context to demonize someone, to isolate them, to humiliate them all the time, that shouldn’t happen anymore.

Source- https://www.closermag.fr/people/ca-a-detruit-ma-vie-magali-berdah-fond-en-larmes-en-evoquant-le-cyberharcelement-dont-elle-est-victime-1685685