“It gave me rage”: Nabilla without waffling on her debut in reality TV

Nabilla was the guest of C à Vous this Wednesday, January 4. The young woman returned to her debut in reality TV, which was not easy.

Nabilla is a young woman who needs no introduction. It was in March 2013 that she became known to the general public by participating in the program Angels of reality TV. During the fifth season of the program, she became the headliner thanks to a simple sentence: “Hello ! No but hello, what !…“. Since then, the young woman has evolved and she has been able to find a place for herself. She was the guest of the program C à Vous on Wednesday January 4 in order to present Cosmic Love, the program that she will host from this Friday, January 6th. The opportunity for Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine to discuss her debut on television. Faced with old images on which she is mocked and sexualized, Nabilla could not contain her nervousness. “I find that at the time, it was quite violent given that I was 19 years old“, she began. “Maybe I didn’t have fashion in my skin, I was looking for myself a little bit but to do it in front of everyone”, she continues before indicating:And above all, to be insulted by men, I find that it is even more violent. Today, Nabilla has the perspective necessary to judge and she assures that these images “are quite shocking“. Confidences without waffle.

On the set of C to You, Nabilla had things to say. It was very young that she was publicized and the young woman was very often criticized for her physique. “Because we’re sexy, we’re cleavage, we have high heels…“, she lamented before adding: “I don’t think that’s done anymore and luckily times have moved on because these are pretty serious things.” Today, Nabilla is a businesswoman who has a string of projects. “It’s my revenge“, she says before evoking the people who have belittled her for several years. “And what these people don’t know is that by belittling me and talking badly to me, they gave me a form of rage that allowed me to get what I have today. today“. Criticisms that pushed the young woman to surpass herself in her professional life. “It was my driving force to prove to them that I was not a scatterbrain with heels and cleavage. I knew it but my brain was not yet developed and it made me angry“, assures Nabilla who wished to send a message to her detractors: “I thank these people today because it is thanks to them that I have a very good life today”, she concluded, very fulfilled in her private life.

Nabilla: who does she share her life with?

The reality show that brought Nabilla to fame also gave her the opportunity to meet the man of her life. This is Thomas Vergara, with whom she has shared her life since 2013. Both have been inseparable since filming the fifth season of the Angels program. In 2019, they welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Milann. In June 2022, it is a second boy, named Leyann, who pointed the tip of his nose. Far from criticism, Nabilla and her husband live in Dubai, in the company of their two children and they spin the perfect love.

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