“It has become totally anachronistic”: Martin Blachier hardens his tone against the vaccine pass

Opposed to the vaccination pass, Martin Blachier remains entrenched in his positions. guest of It is in your interest on LCP, this Wednesday, January 19, 2022, the epistemologist deplores a system “completely anachronistic”.

For Martin Blachier, this comes too late. Formally opposed to the adoption of the vaccine pass, the 36-year-old epidemiologist drives the point home: the vaccination pass will be useless“, he persists. guest in It is in your interest on LCP, this Wednesday, January 19, 2022, the sidekick of Gérald Kierzek returned lineffectiveness of this health pass, transformed into a vaccination pass: “It has become totally anachronistic”, he maintained. And for good reason, “We are at the top of the Omicron wave, and we see thatit has not had a major impact on our hospital services“.

While the government feared a deadly fifth wave, the Omicron variant finally gave birth to a wind of optimism in Martin Blachier and his fellow epidemiologists : “Conversely, he reimmunized a good part of the French, which lets us see, indeed, the end of the crisis”, he continues. Convinced that the vaccination pass is not the right tool, the father of 6 children persists and signs: “Already it is difficult to imagine that we will keep this vaccination pass until the winter of 2022 when we will have had 6 months of the end of the crisis, especially since most of the countries around us are in the process of to give it up. Above all, I think that the term of the President of the Republic has created resistance in the population for vaccinations, he assured.

Martin Blachier: “his announcements that come too late”

Radical on the pandemic, the usually reassuring 36-year-old epidemiologist blames in passing the recent controversial remarks of the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron: “we’re going to take a lot of time with real public health policies to overcome its resistance which was created by the president’s announcements and these announcements which come too late”.

According to the specialist in Public Health and Social Medicine, the after Covid is not to be taken lightly: “The question is: will we need this vaccination pass to manage the post-crisis? The answer is simple, we will need tools to optimize vaccination coverage of all respiratory diseases, not just Covid but also bacterial flu and pneumonia before winter 2022″, he asserted.

The goal ? “have ua fragile population that will be better vaccinated“, but also “to prevent our hospital services from being congested by elderly and fragile patients who are affected by these diseases”.

Photo credits: © Jean Brice Lemal

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