“It is not always easy to live”: Évelyne Bouix cash on her relationship with Pierre Arditi

This Friday, April 22, Évelyne Bouix celebrates her 69th birthday. For the occasion, Gala invites you to come back to her mythical relationship with the actor Pierre Arditi, with whom she did not think of getting into a relationship one day and who has the fault of being angry.

Evelyne Bouix celebrates her 69th birthday, this Friday, April 22. Since 1986, the actress is in a relationship with his colleague Pierre Arditi, whom she married in 2010. A romantic relationship that was not immediately obvious to her, in particular because of their common artistic profession, which made her reluctant. Last November, the ex-girlfriend of Claude Lelouch was invited to the microphone of Sud Radio. The opportunity to look back on her romance with the 77-year-old actor, with whom she had no children, but who raised her daughter Salomé as if he were her biological father.

“I refused to live with him for a long time and he was very tenacious. He waited and after that it went very very well, but at first he scared me”, had she revealed, recognizing that Pierre Arditi, with whom she is “complementary” today, but who had “hard to seduce her”, is “not always easy to live with”. Angry in life as on stage, the actor is described by his companion as “a very whole being, very vehement, with incredible qualities, of an enormous generosity of heart”but who “is also someone who gets angry very quickly”. What make the daily life of Evelyne Bouix sometimes complicated and push her to try to “calm” Sometimes.

Live happy, live hidden

“What makes it work is that he works a lot and that, me, I still work but a little less than him”, estimated the actress, speaking of their differences, which are probably their strength. “We don’t necessarily like the same people, we don’t necessarily like the same things, so we are both very free”, explained Évelyne Bouix, specifying that she and Pierre Arditi are very discreet, so as not to attract attention and have no accountability to anyone.

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