“It is not well ?” : Alain and Anthony Delon reunited in an adorable video

On his Instagram account, this Friday, April 22, 2022, Anthony Delon shared a video on which he appears serene alongside his father. A tender moment that has greatly moved internet users.

A beautiful moment with the family. It is with a lot of love that Anthony Delon shared, this Friday, April 22, 2022, a tender moment with his father. Via his Instagram account, the 57-year-old actor revealed to his subscribers a video in which he is having a good time alongside Alain Delon. A video sequence that has moved many Internet users…

Indeed, in his latest Instagram video, we can see Alain Delon, perfectly installed next to his son in the middle of nature. A rare father son moment during which the companion of Sveva Alviti then confided: “It is not well ?“A seemingly innocuous question, but to which Alain Delon answered, tit for tat:”Ah yes, great!“A small meeting between father and son which testifies that their relations, formerly tumultuous, belong today to the past… Moreover, in front of this post, many Internet users have shared many compliments on this relationship today found.”Super nice weather you are you are both super beautiful a pleasure to see you again, Mr Delon It’s heartwarming to see your Father our French stars“, wrote a user.

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Anthony Delon: his tender secrets about his relationship with his father

In his book titled Between dog and wolfpublished on March 10 by Le Cherche Midi, Anthony Delon returns to the complicated relationship he had with his father over the years. A sensitive subject that he had mentioned on the set of C to you, on March 29. “In fact, there is no perfect family. We all have scars that keep us from being ourselves“, he had first announced to Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine.

Before continuing, about his work: “I think it’s also a gift for him [Alain Delon, ndlr]. It’s a cry of love but it’s also a gift for him“. And to conclude, on a more positive note: “The time has come to forgive yourself“.

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