It rains criticism of Valkyria for breaking down in tears in the ‘The Box’ Challenge

A controversy broke out on social networks against the Olympic athlete, Andrea Carolina Olaya Gutiérrez, also known as Valkyria, for the round of punishments after this week’s tests that left the Alpha team as the loser, which in addition to being without food, now they must face a punishment in The Box Challenge.

Valkyria entered the eye of the hurricane after being affected by going against her principles: not punish the teams that are having a hard time due to lack of food, which in this case are the Alpha competitors. However, many followers on social networks reminded her of the moment when she did not think the same when the same thing happened with the members of Gamma.

In last Friday’s episode it was seen that after the test was over, in which they had to carry a heavy stone for a long distance, the men of the Beta team agreed to send the punishment to Alpha, apparently without consulting Alpha. the women, among whom was Valkyria.

“I understand your arguments and they are correct, to me, Valkyria, it seems inhuman to me”, said the competitor upon learning of the situation.

Given this, Ceta (who is also part of the team), replied that “we made the decision because it was between men, and it is a men’s cycle. We respect the decision when you made it.”

Faced with this situation, the criticism did not wait for the attitude of the competitor, who even sought help among the Gamma participants to accept the punishment. Viewers called her a “hypocrite” and not being fair with decisions, which affected women.

Among the comments read on Twitter, after this chapter of The Box Challenge, Internet users brought up the moment when Valkyria She agreed with Beta to let Alpha win and punish Gamma, which is why they asked her to be honest in the game.

As a sign of her sensitivity towards others, Valkyria tearfully expressed to her companions that the agreement between Beta and Gamma, to send the vest and the punishment to Alpha, seemed unfair, since the purple competitors do not have food in his house.

Even when asked by Andrea Serna about what was happening, the Beta team competitor was dismayed at the time of announcing the decision and between tears he said that he did not agree to attack with punishments those who were having a bad time.

“I did not agree, I knew it until the end (…) when I found out it hit me hard and it does not seem so cool to punish a team that did not have food, and less with a punishment that requires a lot of physical effort, and with majority of sentenced members”, said Valkyria, during the chapter.

In the end, the punishment for the Alpha team consisted of cutting several logs of the exact size designated by the rivals. The controversy at that time was carried out by the participant Tarzan, who stood on one side, without showing much effort, not collaboration with his peers.

Likewise, during the punishment it was possible to show that the lack of food is taking its toll on this group of competitors.