It smells like romance between Geraldine Bazán and Alejandro Nones

A new romance seems to take shape in the world of entertainment: they star in it Geraldine Bazan and Alexander Nones, who share credits in the recordings of the telenovela Corona de Lágrimas 2, a production by José Alberto Castro that will premiere this year. Assisted by his tarot, the Seer Farath Colonel affirms that the couple began a sentimental relationship that will be plagued by ups and downs.

“The letters say that Geraldine ended a relationship in which she did not find the freedom she needed and decided to close that cycle. I see that she is having a new adventure, this time with someone from her new telenovela: Alejandro Nones, ”says the astrology expert.

Unfortunately, if it materializes, not everything will be hunky-dory for the couple: “The ego, pride and who can do more will make the relationship not work as it should; one of the two must lower their guard, which will not happen easily. Both are great alone, they have projects in common, but they don’t agree on how to do them and achieve them together.

Geraldine already has extensive experience and a long way to go that can be annoying or lazy, which for Alejandro is just the beginning of great successes”.

With everything and that both will understand each other very well – “passion is not lacking because they understand each other perfectly in bed; they are very erotic, dedicated, passionate and very sexually active”, says Farath-, the adventure could end in turbulence, since deceit and betrayal are glimpsed: “You see infidelity on his part, since self-esteem and his personal power are bigger than Geraldine’s.”

“She is blunt, she does not forgive, she does not apologize and she does not let things go easily. Motherhood is a very strong sign that she has short-term projects, and these relationships that she is having are not the right ones for that.”