“It was a horrible experience”: Adrián Uribe remembers when he acted for “El Patron”

Mexico City.- Adrian Uribe He has managed to win a place in the middle of the national show, today he is one of the most popular comedians, which has benefited him since he is one of the most required for private events.

A few days ago the humorist revealed one of the most important moments of his career where he confessed that he feared for his life.

The controversial confession was made during an interview for the program “La Cotorrisa”, he recalled one of the moments that marked him during his career, since he felt that he would not live to tell about it.

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During his visit to the youtubers forum, Slobotsky and Ricardo Perezinfluencers in this social network, Adrián Uribe confessed the uncomfortable moment in which he was required to perform a private show for an alleged “entrepreneur”.

Adrián Uribe assured that for this reason he no longer gives private shows. Photo: Special.

The also host explained that said presentation was considered a “private show, but of my freedom”; This was stated by the comedian who gives life to “El Vítor”, and also revealed that members of drug trafficking groups were allegedly at the event.

When I arrive, they tell me: the boss has already arrived and it turns out that he was one of the top. I said: oh my! What am I doing here?”

Before going on stage to perform his show, the host of the third season of “Who is the mask” recalled that he started his most normal routine.

He arrives and I, as a traffic policeman, start my routine and when I start I realize what he was talking about. I start to say; They sent us to carry out an operation and we seized 10 kilos of marijuana.”

After realizing who his audience was, the comedian analyzed what his joke said and that it could clearly be misunderstood, so he decided to change his ending.

The strong revelations were made in a YouTube program. Photo: Instagram.

“I said: ‘my commander tells us that we have to burn it and it’s time we didn’t finish it’, and then I heard ‘hahaha’ and said: ‘A hue**!’

To end his anecdote, he revealed that after his hilarious routine, the alleged “businessman” approached him to congratulate him.

“It was a horrible experience that… that’s why I don’t do private shows anymore,” Uribe concluded.

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