“It was a monster”: the raw and difficult confidences of Serge Lama on the toxicity of his mother

Friday January 27, 2023, France 3 will broadcast the documentary Serge Lama, la vie à la folie. The opportunity to return to the complicated relationship that Serge Lama had with his mother, Georgette Ponceaud.

Crude confidences… At 79, Serge Lama has an exceptional career. Friday January 27, 2023, France 3 will broadcast the documentary Serge Lama, life to madnessin which archive images will be broadcast. Fans will notably be able to review an interview that the singer had given to Mireille Dumas. During this one, the artist had notably evoked his childhood. “We did laundry in the only room we lived in. It was a terrible time. We washed in a basin, and not entirely every day! We washed once a week to go to mass. It was a life like in the Dickensian years, almost“, he had indicated. Assuring that his parents were obsessed with finances, he had added: “It was always money, money, money!

According to Serge Lama, his mother was not satisfied with his success. He had indeed confided:She arrived in Bobino in 1968, she came to my dressing room and said to me: ‘You should thank us, it’s thanks to us that you wrote Les Ballons rouges.’ She told me that, my mother! I think I must have been a bit taken aback.“Referring to the toxicity of it, the singer had added:”She was a monster, my mother. When I was a superstar, when I gathered 300,000 people at the Palais des Congrès twice in a row, she said to me: ‘You see, you have your name up there. Well, I’d rather you were a lawyer and come to my house every week.’ She was incredibly possessive. For my father, for me, for everything!

Serge Lama: “Prove to my mother that I could be a singer”

Wednesday October 13, 2021, on the set of C à vous, on France 5, the singer had already declared: “I can’t always overwhelm my mother with everything (…) The children were silent, there was no play area as far as I was concerned and my mother was, it’s true, moreover, very tough. She didn’t want me out, she wanted me for her, she was a woman who wanted things of hers.”Serge Lama had gone further by then ensuring: “My mother was not my father’s wife, she was his jailer.“In the columns of Paris Match, he specified that his mother had forbidden his father, Georges Chauvier, to continue his career as an operetta singer.My whole life is built on it, on this obsession : prove to my mother that I could be a singer“, he had slipped.

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