“It was not in my mind to be a presenter” – Nueva Mujer

The cameras of Challenge they will focus on a new face: that of Gabriela Tafur. The model and Miss Colombia in 2019 accepted the call to co-host the space, replacing Daniella Álvarez, who must complete a recovery process on her right leg.

Although the new season began on March 8, social networks continue to comment a lot about the participation of Tafur, who is also making his debut on television.

For the 26-year-old from Cali, the idea of ​​being a presenter was never in her mind. However, when she was contacted by Juan Esteban Sampedro, entertainment manager of Caracol TV, she never refused her proposal.

Gabriela Tafur wants to measure up in Challenge

“I accepted without thinking twice, because it seemed incredible to me to be part of this reality show.I grew up watching it, my mom is the biggest fan, so it means a lot to me, “he started saying in an interview published by The viewer.

Gabriela Tafur, who was among the five finalists in the 2019 edition of Miss Universe, confessed that being a presenter is an idea that never crossed her mind. “Yes I was curious several times, but I never thought of making it a reality in my professional career”added the famous.

On her abilities to be a TV presenter, the former beauty queen said that she is still working on preparing her voice and vocalization. “I am from Cali and I must neutralize the accent when I am presenting”he noted in the interview.

He also said that looking at the cameras and learning the changes are part of the challenge of working on television and more so in a reality show like Challengewhich is so watched by Colombian viewers.

“The cameras are everywhere and I have to learn to position them to know where I am going to stand. Pressure is another important issue, fortunately I have Andrea Serna who accompanies me from her, who makes it perfect, and I have learned a lot from her, “he said.

His relationship with Andrea Serna

Gabriela Tafur made it clear that her relationship with Andrea Serna is only work related, however, sharing now in Challenge It could bring you closer to a friendship.

“She is a highly professional woman… She studies her script well and knows what is cominghe does not deviate, he focuses a lot on fulfilling his role and doing things well, ”he said about the 46-year-old driver.

Let us remember that Andrea Serna has won up to five awards for Best Entertainment and Television Presenter. Three at the TVyNovelas Awards (2007, 2013 and 2014), an India Catalina (2012) and another at the Produ Awards (2021)

Gabriela Tafur, author of the book in all its righthe reiterated: Also, she is very disciplined., train judiciously every day, and not to look good physically, but to be consistent with the participants. I have learned a lot from her.”