“It was quite a challenge”: Kim Kardashian’s video showing how she got into Marilyn Monroe’s dress with the help of three people leaving a zipper open that never closed | People | Entertainment

The Met gala 2022 left a whole historical controversy in the hands of the socialite Kim Kardashian. The businesswoman surprised everyone by posing on the red carpet in actress Marilyn Monroe’s dress, a suit for which she had to lose 7 kilos in order to wear it at the New York event.

But the confessions of the millionaire businesswoman, especially the adventures she had to do to be able to enter exclusive design, unleashed a wave of criticism from network users, who point to her as a bad example by exposing a wrong decision to lose weight in so little time, just to parade a outfits.

The truth is that Kanye West’s ex “suffered” and did everything necessary to show off the tight golden dress with hundreds of crystals, which the American actress used 60 years ago to sing “Happy Birthday” to President John F Kennedy in the celebration held at Madison Square Garden in New York.

The video of Kim Kardashian “putting” Marilyn Monroe’s dress

The central figure of the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” once again managed to be the center of attention at the Met Gala. However, although she paraded like a diva in her iconic dress, Kim Kardashian could not close the zipper in the back and therefore she wore a white teddy stole, published People in Spanish.

Kim Kardashian arrived accompanied by her boyfriend Pete Davidson, at the 2022 Met Gala. (Photo by ANGELA WEISS / AFP) Photo: AFP

The background of the founder of the Skims brand speaks for itself, as she has no qualms about looking glamorous in her eccentric designs that she chooses for this annual event. The American magazine recalls that in 2019, she took breathing classes to wear Thierry Mugler’s design.

And last year, he showed up in the black mask on his Balenciaga suit that everyone remembers in a stifling design that he didn’t get rid of all night.

Now, Kim Kardashian’s challenge was greater, since she had to lose about 7 kilos in just three weeks, and even so her derriere and the rest of his measurements did not enter the lavish suit signed by Jean Louis, which was bought by Ripley’s Museum in Orlando in 2016, for 4.81 million dollars.

Kim Kardashian on the red carpet of the 2022 Met Gala. EFE/EPA/JUSTIN LANE

“It was quite a challenge,” Kim said, speaking about the challenge of getting into measures smaller than his own. And the video that shows how the process went, went viral on Twitter confirming the odyssey of the suit test.

In the recording, Kim can be seen dressed in her nude-colored girdle from her Skims brand, along with two people who work in the museum wearing gloves, so as not to damage the dress. And the person in charge of recording the moment was her stylist, Chris Appleton, the famous one who is in charge of fixing the hair of Jennifer Lopez, Dua Lipa, among other celebrities.

The truth is that the task was not easy and finally Kim Kardashian breathed into the piece that did not close completely at the back. Appleton also joined in the work of carefully uploading the suit.

It was precisely this clip that fueled criticism against Kris Jenner’s eldest daughter, pointing out her ego at her insistence on wearing a piece that is considered a “60-year-old national treasure.”

Many network users spoke of the arrogant personality of the Kardashian, being able to use the replica that is also in the possession of the museum, and not the original design that was exposed to any danger at the event.

Others cited the error of setting a “bad example” to millions of young people by saying that she had “hungry days”, only to wear a dress that was not for her measurements on a whim. (AND)

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