“It was really gory! “: Benjamin Castaldi, traumatized by the birth of his eldest son (ZAPTV)

Benjamin Castaldi made new confidences about his children, Friday June 10 in Do not touch My TV. The host admitted to having been traumatized by the birth of his eldest son, Julien Castaldi.

It has become one of the most mastered running gags of Do not touch My TV. Cyril Hanouna often likes to tease one of his most loyal columnists about his numerous offspring. Indeed, Benjamin Castaldi is the father of four children. The son of Jean-Pierre Castaldi had admitted in half-words not to have been very close to two of them. “Enzo, I took care of it a lot. Julien was 3 years old and Simon was 9 months old when I left home, it’s early. So, sorry… here it is. It’s ridiculous… I catch up a lot things now with him because he is at home, we go to the sport together… Sorry Julien, sorry Simon, I love you“, he said on a show a few years ago. Fortunately, the fifties has come a long way since then and has continued to prove his love for Simon Castaldi, defending him tooth and nail.

“Me, childbirth, I experience them quite badly”

If Benjamin Castaldi wants to be a good dad, there are still certain events that he cannot yet completely master. This Friday, June 10, 2022, the latter replaced Cyril Hanouna at the animation of TPMP and confided in the birth of his first son, Julien. “Me, deliveries, I live them quite badly“, says the companion of Aurore Aleman and to add: My first son, when he was born, it was Halloween. It was really gory!“.

The former host has finally found a trick to make life easier. “I discovered that when you give birth, the doctors put Paic Citron so that it goes better, so that it slips. There was soap everywhere, it was foaming. It was amazing“, he amused himself, in front of a hilarious assembly. “It was foam party!“, moreover reacted the columnist Ludivine Rétory. Not sure that the mother found it so funny…

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