“It was so terrifying”: Hailey Bieber opens up about the stroke she suffered

Hailey bieber wanted to tell all about how her mental and physical health has been affected since suffering a mini-stroke last year.

I struggled with a lot of anxiety afterwards. I struggled with a little bit of post-traumatic stress disorder, like the fear that it might happen again“, revealed the model to the podcast Run-Through with Vogue” Thursday.

I just felt like I never wanted to go through this again. It was so terrifying, so shaking, so disconcerting in every way you can imagine.

The 26-year-old model added that the mini-stroke was “definitely the scariest thing i have ever experienced.

Justin’s wife bieber said she was in Palm Springs when she had that moment last March and coming back to the area – even for the podcast – is “very trigger” for her. Even the first two times I came back here after, it was kind of a weird kind of trigger for me because you remember exactly how it all happened at that time“, she explained.

But I think the silver lining for me is that it led me to discover I had this hole in my heart.“.

Now, Hailey bieber Slowly begins to live his life again without thinking about what could happen to his health. I look back and it could have been so much worse (…) So much worse things could have happened at that time“.

One month after hospitalization Hailey biebershe revealed that she had to undergo surgery to repair a hole in her heart after suffering a mini-stroke.

In a YouTube video titled “telling my story”, the former host of “Drop tea Micsaid doctors found she had a blood clot that traveled to her brain and caused a transient ischemic attack.

I’m really relieved to be able to move on from this really scary situation and live my life..

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