“It was terrible”: Gad Elmaleh’s shock confidences on his “burn out”

Through Laura D’Angelo

– Published on 06 Jan 2023 at 10:30 am

Gad Elmaleh returned in all honesty to the difficult times he experienced, and where he was close to burnout.

In his show Moreover and his film called Stay a bit, Gad Elmaleh trusts a lot about his private life. If today he is very fulfilled, the comedian has had a very difficult time. Indeed, in the podcast InPower, the actor looks back on his mental health which has sometimes been abused. He evokes in particular one of his worst memories, which occurred in the middle of a show. After having “played too much”he felt “close to burnout” : “The fact that I had played too much made me hear my own jokes like evil sounds, it was terrible”. At that time, the comedian said these terrible words to himself: I never want to do this job again in my life, never again.

Gad Elmaleh: “It’s more people, more money, more fans, more requests, more shows, more parties…”

If he was at the top of its glory in the 2000sGad Elmaleh experienced very harsh words. “When it works, it’s never too much. Everything smiles on you, people want you, you are in demand and it’s a bit like the tumble, it’s infinite. It’s more people, more money, more fans, more requests, more shows, more parties…. In this podcast, he also returns with humor to his time on the show What an era!hosted by Léa Salamé. The comedian will then make a funny confidence and admit having had a big crush on the presenter of the program.

“I saw while doing a little research on you, that she (Léa Salamé, editor’s note) had taken you a little by surprise as she knows how to do so well when you went to her set two weeks ago”Louise Aubery first reminded him. Me, I’m already destabilized, well not destabilizedbut very seduced by intelligence, intelligence in men, women, children, it is something that captivates me”answers him first the actor.

This crush on Léa Salamé

He then reveals his vision of Léa Salamé: This woman, she is extremely bright, we also share, not a passion, but a real interest in spirituality, religions, so it was kind of my media crush. Basically, she described me as someone who was in a form of asceticism because I’m on a spiritual quest like that, she said to me ‘You don’t drink alcohol anymore, you don’t go out anymore, you do retreats in monasteries’ and cash she says to me ‘Are you still fucking?’ Me, I found it very abrupt and at the same time very funny “. A beautiful declaration for the one who officiates in What an era!.

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/305953-cetait-terrible-les-confidences-chocs-de-gad-elmaleh-sur-son-burn-out