“It would break my heart if they were refused because of a moment of bewilderment on my part”: Will Smith’s fears at the release of his new film

Will Smith is making a comeback on the front of the stage eight months after the slap that shocked all of Hollywood. With ‘Emancipation’ released today, the actor hopes to make people forget this tragic episode.

The glorious story of Peter, a man who escapes slavery and sets out to conquer his freedom. Such is the story ofEmancipation. The film available on Apple TV marks the comeback of Will Smith from the most famous slap in history.

Everyone remembers March 27, 2022. Day of the Oscars ceremony with a Will Smith who does not appreciate the joke questionable from Chris Rock about his wife. It was on this day that one of the most respected actors in the business became the man who gave the slap. If he apologized, the interpreter ofAli hope the movie won’t suffer from his mistake.

Will Smith believes in this movie”important, especially right now“, and intends to lead him to awards. Why not the Oscars. “JI want to see Antoine and all the artists who worked on this film receive the awards they deserve.” The actor entrusts to the microphone of BFMTV: “It would break my heart if they were refused because of a moment of bewilderment on my part. I hope the team will be honored for their work.”

A film about slavery, a first

If the person who plays Father Williams is also invested in this film, it is also because he represents one of his most complicated roles. The actor had always refused films dealing with slavery. He had gone so far as to refuse a role in Django Unchained by Quentin Tarantino.

Today at a turning point, the men in black says “make a film about freedom sweeping away prejudice“. It remains to be seen if the film and the performer live up to their promises.

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