Italy would win Eurovision 2022, according to Spotify listeners

    Next Saturday will finally take place the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, a musical event that will bring together millions of people around the world to find out what is the trending theme on the continent. The appointment will be in Turin, Italy, given that the winners of the last edition were Måneskin, the rock group that in just one year has increased its listeners by 5,400%. A madness that places them as an international band after passing through the festival. Now, just a few days before we hear the Eurovision anthem again, it seems that Italy could double and win again… in your own country! And the fact is that if we stick to the eavesdropping on Spotify of the candidate songs that this year will fight for the glass microphone, the boot of Europe emerges victorious.

    The topic ‘Brividi’ by Mahmood and WHITE, winners of the last Sanremo Festival, has been heard up to five times more than the second most listened song, ‘Hold Me Closer’, by Cornelia Jakobs, from Sweden. This prediction of the winner was already fulfilled last year, when ‘ZITTI E BUONI’ reached the final being the track with the most reproductions of the most famous streaming music platform in the world.

    mahmood and white in sanremo

    Mahmood and BLANCO after winning the last Sanremo Festival.

    Mondadori PortfolioGetty Images

    And Spain?

    Our candidacy, bravely and confidently defended by chanell and his great song ‘SloMo’ falls to fourth position, an excellent position that is only surpassed by Italy, Sweden and the Netherlands with the song ‘De Diepte’ by S10. Behind us we have the hilarious Subwoolfer from Norway presenting ‘Give That Wolf A Banana’. Likewise, and parallel to this data offered by Spotify, according to the bookmakers, the winning country of this edition is Ukraine, which will present the song ‘Stefania’ by the Kalush Orchestra. In this list where Spain falls to fifth place.

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    Although these data belong to an international count, since if we stick to the wiretaps carried out within our country, evidently Chanel takes the gold. Behind her, Italy, while Ukraine does not even sneak into the top 10 of our most listened to songs throughout these months. As you can see, anything can happen. Is Chanelazo coming?

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