Itatí Cantoral in a mini bikini, without a bra and with a brown thong, the temperature rises

The famous actress Itatí Cantoral surprises everyone on her social networks by sharing a photo on swimsuit, where he looks very flirtatious and daring, as few times, the famous revealed her statuesque body with a black mini bikinione piece.

Seeing her so daring, her followers put some very daring messages on her, she stole sighs, whistles and the occasional colored comment.

The actress showed her statuesque image also in a dress transparent fabric in nude colorin which does not wear a bra, you can see it at the bottom a thong It is brown in color that stands out above the stripes on the piece it is wearing, a set with a long, sleeveless skirt and a neckline in the front.

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Itatí Cantoral melts Instagram with a black mini bikini. Photo: Instagram

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Some of the reactions are: “But oh well! What is this so gorgeous?! Woooooooooooooooow!” wrote the singer Lucero, followed by Andrea Legarreta; “Wooooooow WOOOOOW woooooooow.”

The actress looks daring in a mini bathing suit. Photo: Instagram

Other reactions are; “You’re gorgeous.” “Oh! I love you ! You are better than ever”, “Every day more beautiful”, “Spectacular”, “Precious”, “Divine”.

Itatí Cantoral wears a transparent dress. Photo: Instagram

Some users say that they abuse the filters, but that it’s worth it because it looks radiant; “Pretty but too much filter”, “I have seen her live and the truth is not like that, I think that without a filter she would still look beautiful”, “Pretty but too much filter”, “I want to see without filter or photo shop”.

The famous shows her statuesque image in a nude-colored dress. Photo: Instagram

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