Itatí Cantoral reinvents the office outfit with a blazer, mini shorts and very peri heels

Without a doubt, what the Mexican actress Itatí Cantoral she is talented, beautiful and stylish, and she showed it in her most recent outfit, with which she imposed Spring fashion to go to work. And it is that, the iconic actress who plays Soraya Montenegro on Maria from the neighborhoodreinvented the office outfit with blazer, mini shorts and very peri heelsthe color of the year, according to Pantone.

the beautiful Itatí Cantoral gave a chair of elegance and freshness with an incredible outfits With which you can go comfortable to work, but at the same time, you can show off in any outing, as it combines elegance with modernity, with the right elements and the perfect colors of the season.

It is a tailored suit, but with mini shorts consisting of an oversize sky blue blazer, matching mini dress shorts in the same shade, which he combined with a plain white t-shirt, and incredible stilettos in the color of the year. the very peri.

The key that made shine Itatí Cantoral gorgeous with this coquettish outfit at 46 years of age, it was the oversize style of the jacket and that the shorts were not tight, in addition to the fact that stilettos always bring elegance to any look.

The singer’s daughter Roberto Cantoral and Itati Zucchiadded to her style a formal and elegant loose hairstyle with volume and waves outwards, with a slight freshness to one side, which gave her face a jovial effect.

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Itatí Cantoral, multifaceted actress

Throughout his nearly 36-year artistic career, Itatí Cantoral She has proven to be one of the most outstanding and versatile artists, masterfully interpreting all kinds of characters, both villains and protagonists.

In fact, at this precise moment and after the great success of his telenovela The Mexican and El Güero in 2020, the ex-wife of Edward Santamarina finds himself with his hands full making the new season of the series Rooms for rentas well as in the play Alone in the darkand as if that were not enough, he also lent his voice to the successful Disney Pixar movie, which is everyone’s fascination, Netwhere she played Ming Lee, Mei’s mother.

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Surely all that Itatí Cantoral touch, it turns gold, as it maintains its streak of success after success, and this is no exception. In fact, just last summer we were able to see her as a judge on the new Televisa program, The Challengertogether with Lucero and Manuel Mijares.

Itatí Cantoral reinvents the office outfit with a blazer, mini shorts and very peri heels. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

But that’s not all, because the gorgeous soap opera actress like little girls, Health money and love and Two Women, One Wayhas shown that in addition to being a super actress, who also knows how to choose her projects very well, she also remains beautiful and jovial, in addition to imposing fashion at 46 years old.