“It’s a clamp”: after a (failed) gift given to him by Matthieu Delormeau, Benjamin Castaldi swings

Thursday, July 7, in TPMP even in summer, Benjamin Castaldi said that he had hosted Matthieu Delormeau for six months. Matthieu Delormeau who, to thank him, gave him a gift… totally missed.

At the end of June, Cyril Hanouna went on vacation. And he left the animation of Do not touch My TV to Benjamin Castaldi. Benjamin Castaldi, who, on Thursday July 7, finally presented the last of TPMP of the season. And, before saying goodbye to the columnists for the summer, going on vacation until the start of the school year, he talked about traveling with them, and in particular accommodation galleys.

Jean-Pascal Lacoste revealed that he found himself in a hotel… still under construction; Jean-Michel Maire, he saw the police arrive in the villa in which he was with friends; Francesca Antoniotti had cockroaches in her hotel, and Hugo Manos ended up in a brothel. Benjamin Castaldi, he returned to the period when he hosted Matthieu Delormeau.

“He gave me a voucher for a weekend in a hotel in Deauville… where I had a villa”

“Speaking of accommodation, Matthieu Delormeau lived with me”launched Benjamin Castaldi in the preamble, before telling: At the start, he said to me: “I’m coming for a short week”. Two weeks, three weeks, a month… He stayed for six months. Six months. Nourished, housed, whitened.” The columnist didn’t pay rent and he didn’t shop either. “Never”, assured the presenter Castaldi, adding: It’s a clamp, I tell you.”

Once gone, Matthieu Delormeau still gave Benjamin Castaldi a gift. He offered me a voucher for a weekend in a hotel in Deauville… where I had a villaregretted the father of Simon Castaldi. “It’s the intention that counts”launched Hugo Manos, trying to defend Matthieu Delormeau. “Six months in the eighth, in a 300 square meter, it’s well worth a restaurant ticket in Deauville”, quipped Benjamin Castaldi. Don’t we say that it is the intention that counts?

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