“It’s a gift from God”: Poncho de Nigris announces that Marcela Mistral gave birth and presents her baby

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Mexico City.- A few hours ago the famous singer and actor Nigris Poncho caused a tremendous stir in the social media because he confirmed that his wife Marcela Mistral had given birth to her baby Antony.

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From the early hours of Wednesday, March 23, the native of Monterey, Nuevo Leonhad reported that they were only a few hours away from meeting their third child together and already at night he gave the incredible news about the birth.

Through your official account Instagramthe former contestant big brother announced that Isabella and Ponchito had a new little brother and published a tender video where Marcela and little Antonio are seen together after they were born.

Poncho’s wife is still connected to the devices that take her vital signs and you can even hear some sounds made by the newborn.

Habemus @antoniodenigrisl THANKS TO LIFE FOR THIS GIFT FROM GOD… The best you can feel in this life. God’s heritage,” she assured.

As will be remembered, Antonio arrives at the De Nigris house after lost a baby in June 2020 when Marcela had a ectopic pregnancy which occurs when the embryo is outside the womb. At that time, the influencer underwent extraction surgery to prevent her life from being at risk.

Source: TVNotas and Instagram @ponchodenigris