“It’s a liberating experience”

You can’t turn off feelings, but some you’d rather suppress. Not so Mark Waschke. The actor even sees anger as something positive.

“We feel hurt, not accepted, not seen”

“I sit down for a moment and feel inside and ask myself: How do I feel? And the first thing that comes, I say it out loud,” explains Mark Waschke to the portal. “The frightening thing is that anger and sadness come up very often. Maybe because that’s something we often don’t want to admit.” That feeling slumbers beneath the surface.

“We are human beings, so we feel hurt, unappreciated, unseen.” It is important to acknowledge the anger and sadness. Because it’s not a negative feeling. “We learned that anger is something you don’t do. You can’t be loud, you can’t be full of sadness or anger.”

“It’s a liberating experience”

Mark Waschke, on the other hand, can even get something positive out of anger. “My experience is when I let that go for a moment and realize that I’m really sad and angry right now, it’s a liberating experience.” He realizes that the feeling doesn’t kill him. “On the contrary, it makes me incredibly alive,” says Waschke. “If I don’t kick my anger away, but accept it, then I’m insanely loving and devoted to myself, to life and to everything in that moment.”

Too often one would not see one’s own anger and would not listen to it. “She tells us very important things that help us. You just have to empathize: What is it really like when I go into this feeling?” Because only if you accept the anger, “then something healing will come out of it”. You learn better “to perceive your own needs”.