“It’s disgusting !” : tongues loosen at Éric Zemmour…

The more the legislative elections approach, the more the tensions increase between the candidates of the party of Éric Zemmour and those of Marine Le Pen. Our colleagues from Le Point have collected murderous testimonies from Reconquest and RN executives against the methods of the polemicist.

The legislative elections are fast approachingand the left and center movements are organized on both sides to obtain the greatest number of seats in the Assembly, creating party alliances. At the same time, the Rassemblement National categorically refused to form a coalition with the members of Reconquête. Marine Le Pen remains convinced that her rival Éric Zemmour no longer convinces voters and that he will fail in the first round elections next June 12. According to comments published this Wednesday, May 11, 2022 by the magazine Pointthe methods of the polemicist do not not unanimous either among its supporters, which could end up to a migration of his supporters to the RN.

“The guys will absolutely all draw a blank, launched a cadre of the National Rally. Reconquest won’t have any MPs, they won’t even be in the second round in a single constituency. The same ones who said that the RN could not win an election will soon come back knocking on the door”. This Lepenist also noted that the figures of Reconquest announced for the most part that they renounced to stand for legislative elections. Only Éric Zemmour could present himself in the Vaucluse. “It’s like in 14-18. While the young people serve as cannon fodder [155 des 550 candidats investis par Reconquête ont moins de 35 ans, NDLR], the generals have a feast behind the front. It’s disgusting !”, the source of our colleagues protested.

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Pierre Meurin had criticized “political immaturity” by Éric Zemmour in November 2021

This opponent of Éric Zemmour is not the only one to have pointed the finger the strategies of Sarah Knafo’s companion. Pierre Meurin, figure of the party of the former journalist who largely contributed to lead his campaign, threw in the towel in November 2021, blaming “political immaturity” of the near-candidate and “ordering the future Reconquest candidate to “to soften” in the coming months at the risk, he wrote, of finishing “between 6 and 8%””, according to what the article says. As a reminder Éric Zemmour finished in fourth position in the presidential election with 7.2% of the vote.

As for the possible migrations from Reconquest to the RN, the selection looks tough. “Some opportunists went elsewhere to see if the grass was fresher, but remained very close to our project and moreover voted for Marine in the second round. We will have no trouble getting them back. However, we will be vigilant. Some should not Pretty scary suckers from Reconquest fall through the cracks”, warned an RN executive. Marine Le Pen and Éric Zemmour are therefore far from making peace.

Photo credits: Denis Guignebourg / Bestimage

Source- https://www.gala.fr/l_actu/news_de_stars/cest-degueulasse-les-langues-se-delient-chez-eric-zemmour_493586