“It’s exciting when you know you’re going to challenge a character”

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- Doctor Strange returns once again to the big screen. After the events of “Spider-man: No Way Home”, the popular Marvel hero returns in Multiverse of Madness with much more action and more madness in strange universes.

benedict cumberbatch puts himself back in the skin of the Doctor Strange in this film that arrives on May 4 in theaters across the country. Prior to that, the Oscar-nominated actor spoke with THE HERALD as part of the Latin American media selected to provide all the details about the long-awaited film.

What excites you about entering the world of Doctor Strange again and going in this new direction?

There are many things that excite me about this movie. It is the second solo appearance of Doctor Strange as such. We’ve seen it a lot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), particularly recently in “Spider-man: No Way Home.”

But I think it’s always exciting when you know you’re going to challenge a character and test their limits and see how the challenges change them and who they become in the end. It’s a bit like a progression, a learning experience for him, of developing him. At the same time, it is a means to approach the new phase, the most fantastic of the MCU, this fourth phase of the Multiverse.

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Can you describe the tone of this movie?

Yes. I am very happy that it has a kind of darker tone. Frankly, the first movie also worked when you think about the turmoil my character went through in his life and the testing of his character, a man who is at the top. He is very arrogant, but for good reason. He is a neurosurgeon extraordinaire who later has his hands ruined in a near-fatal car accident. I mean, my character comes out of a pretty dark situation.

I think it has an incredible amount of inventiveness and really unexpected thrills, surprises, new characters, twists and plot developments. At the same time, it has two widely separated tones.

One is very, very dark and the other is irreverent, sarcastic and funny, and very much reflects the character we already know. But, yes, there are some moments that should be scary, it has a kind of horror streak. It’s a great and varied mix. And with Sam Raimi at the helm, he’s a master at it. It’s a movie with a lot of Sam Raimi flavor, producing his own emotion for me and for the audience.

What was it like working with director Sam Raimi?

It is a joy. Sam is a lovely human being. Obviously, his position in this industry and this genre in particular is legendary, as it should be. But he takes all that so lightly. He is a very humble, collaborative, really supportive and generous human being. And he has a great sense of humor. He is your best first audience. He really encourages you to push your ideas and achieve them. He has the good taste to point out right and wrong as needed.

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What is it like playing different versions of Strange?

It is fun. I literally have a scene with another version of myself, a very pivotal scene near the end, where we meet Doctor Strange Sinister, as we nicknamed him. It’s complicated. It’s hard. It’s like when you feel like you’re having a really weird day at the office. You’re working with someone else’s understudy or stunt double. And you have to remember your performance, even though you’re using them as a kind of bench to know where they were, a marker of where they were, where you were. It’s very weird.

What are you excited for fans to see in terms of the show and the visuals?

Janek Sirrs (the visual effects supervisor) is an absolute genius. I think some of the clips that people have seen in the trailer announcements are just exquisite. You have trips through a lot of different universes in a couple of sequences, which I think are going to be really mind-blowing and draw a fresh audience. I think that motivates them a lot when they create real life environments and build the set.

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New characters arrive in the universe of Doctor Strange in this film.