It’s finish ! Adriana Karembeu announces her breakup with her husband Aram Ohanian, after 12 years of relationship

This Tuesday, December 27, 2022, Adriana Karembeu announced her separation from Aram Ohanian, her husband of 12 years.

It’s the end of a relationship of more than 10 years. This Tuesday, December 27, 2022, Adriana Karembeu announced her separation from her husband, Aram Ohanian. It is on Instagram that the former top model decided to speak. “It is with a heavy heart that I write these few lines. Twelve magnificent years spent together… I vibrated at every moment. I have never laughed so much as at your side. Our story is beautiful and I loved it so much. However, today we have decided together to take separate roads. Love will never fade. You gave me the most beautiful of treasures... Our Nina. you are and always will beshe wrote in a moving message.

It was in 2011 that Adriana Karembeu met Aram Ohanian. Three years later, they say yes for life and will try everything to have a child. But in 2016, the former top model revealed that she had had a miscarriage. “I didn’t just have one miscarriage, I had several. There are women who get pregnant easily, others who decide to have a child later and for whom it is not so easy. I knew that getting pregnant after 40 would be complicated. I was just praying it would happen. The path was horribly complicated, psychologically and physically. I consider getting pregnant was a miracle.”, she explained.

The father of her daughter

However, the miracle did take place. In 2018, Adriana Karembeu gives birth to her little Nina. A girl who fills her with happiness. Aged 46, she can’t thank her ex-husband enough for giving her the chance to become a mother. “It was he who helped me not to miss the train of motherhood”, she confided about the role that her partner had played in her pregnancy in the columns of Gala. “My guy has a crazy character. Anyway, I always choose indomitable men. Aram is fire. I admire him. I like his courage. He traces, he is honest, he does not betray anyone . For him a word is a word. And he is very funny”.