“It’s her decision to stay alive”

Silvia Pinal’s return to the theater has caused controversy even before the play premiered. At the press conference in which it was announced that she would be the star of the children’s play “Little Red Riding Hood, what’s up with your grandmother?”, The diva of Mexican cinema showed some discomfort derived from the Covid that she suffered last year, in December .

However, the actress decided to go ahead with the project and this weekend she had the first performance in which she acted from a huge white chair in which she remained throughout her participation and then also to thank the public for the applause.

At times, Pinal seemed tired and disoriented, but the family has stressed that this is only because of her age and that in no way does she have an illness that prevents her from working.

The producer of the play, Iván Cochegrus, came out to defend this performance by Doña Silvia, which by the way is her debut in children’s theater.

“This tribute in theater is his decision to be close to his audience. God bless those who harm them with their comments and lies!”

Pinal had a Mother’s Day celebration at the theater, where the cast organized a small celebration for her with a cake.

The play is a free adaptation of “Little Red Riding Hood”, in which the character of the grandmother becomes someone irreverent and funny.

The premiere of the play was held last weekend with a sold-out performance and the audience got up to give a standing ovation to Silvia Pinal, who thanked her from her white chair as she was being pushed by the characters of the Big Bad Wolf and the skunk.

In a video published by the producer of the work, Silvia Pinal is seen moving her right arm as a sign of gratitude for the applause.