“It’s ‘it’ to be amputated”, JPP’s daughter faces a medical situation SHOCK

Lou Pernaut enjoys his vacation with his friends. But an evening turned into a disaster and the outcome of this drama could have been even worse loss. Indeed, it is the shock for the daughter of Jean-Pierre Pernauther friends but also for all Internet users who hear her story.

Obviously, not such an important event can happen in the life of Lou Pernaut without her sharing it with her subscribers. By the way, she lets out a rant against firefighters, paramedics but also some Internet users who minimized the drama.

Let’s focus on this disaster misadventure. Objeko brings you the words of Lou Pernaut by contextualizing the drama that his friend experienced.

Lou Pernaut takes over social networks and tells a horrible story

On vacation with her friends, Lou Pernaut did not think he had to contact the firefighters to ask them for help. Indeed, a nightclub outing went wrong and now one of her friends seriously injured her knee.

At the time, they contact relatives and they are reassured about the state of the situation. Even some Internet users intervene to minimize the situation. However, Lou Pernaut takes matters into his own hands and calls for help despite everything.

The firefighters intervene and provide first aid to her friend. Result of the races, the knee is open and an effusion is undoubtedly at work. Lou Pernaut thinks it’s best to go to the emergency room but the firefighters are apparently trying to talk him out of it.

Indeed, readers ofObjeko probably know that French hospitals are under severe strain. To withstand the shock, a new protocol is put in place. The latter only authorizes access to emergencies in the most serious cases, in short, cases of life or death. Ambulance and firefighters are nevertheless convinced by Lou Pernaut who insists. And the young woman then tells, reassembled, why she was right to insist.

A misadventure that could have gone very wrong

“Luckily we thought about going to the emergency room. It turns out thatshe had an infection in her knee which spread throughout his leg. If we had waited two or three more days, she could have literally died because the infection had poisoned all his blood. She is ‘this’ away from getting amputated. »said Lou Pernaut on his social networks.

“So all the people who told me that it’s not because she broke her leg leaving the club that you have to call the fire brigade and the ambulance, well there you go, that’ll teach you when we tells you that someone’s pain is important. »she posted very uplifted.

So, firefighters and ambulances, what do you expect when they tell you that there is a person who is throwing up in pain? What are you waiting for to pick it up? I don’t know, I don’t understand. It’s super dangerous. »she added two days after her friend’s accident. Objeko grant you, Lou Pernaut came back up because she was very scared. The daughter of Jean-Pierre Pernaut is probably unaware of the harsh reality to which hospitals, paramedics and firefighters must comply…

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