“It’s like my heart is ripped out”

Last April 10, Joseph Ron He shared on his Instagram account that his great life partner, his puppy, had passed away. Skiro was suffering from cancer, and to avoid further pain, the actor decided to put him to sleep. Since then, Ron has been grieving: “It’s been painful, it feels terrible to say goodbye to your partner,” the soap opera heartthrob told us, who, thanks to the beautiful memories he has with him, has been able to cope with the loss of the furry one who arrived into his life eight years ago.

How are you doing in your mourning process for Skiro? It has been painful, it feels terrible to say goodbye to your partner, your best friend… I remember it with great affection; At first I couldn’t believe that he was no longer with us, it all happened so fast. It hurts much! It’s like a part of my heart has been ripped out…

What teachings did he leave you? He left me, above all, the best memories, he will always be in my heart. It has been a great gift to have known him and to share life with my son. Teaching him and all dogs is his unconditional love.

What did he die of? He died of liver cancer. His health got very complicated and I had to put him to sleep. In the end, that was the best thing for him, the last thing he wanted was for him to suffer.

Can you tell us a little about its history? How did you adopt it? It came to the house because they gave it to my brother Alejandro. At that time I did not plan to have another dog, but since I saw him there was a great connection, and when my brother returned to Guadalajara, Skiro stayed with me. He was a very noble, loving, playful, protective dog… A very loved dog, and he loved us in the same way!

Apart from Skiro, do you have any other puppies? Yes, at the moment I have three more dogs and they are practically like my children. Love you very much.

How did your love for puppies come about? I have always loved dogs and animals in general. In fact, when I lived in Guadalajara I had two.

What can you say to people like you who have lost a puppy? People who have lost a partner like Skiro know how it hurts. We only have to remember them with much love; we must be calm for all the love we gave them.