“It’s more than a brother who is leaving”: the heartbreaking words of Albert Cohen following the death of Daniel Lévi

Saturday August 6, 2022, Daniel Lévi died at the age of 60. Invited to react to his disappearance at the microphone of CNews, his longtime friend, producer Albert Cohen, spoke about their relationship.

A long friendship maintained over the years… Saturday August 6, 2022, it is with emotion that Albert Cohen learned of the death of one of his best friends, Daniel Leviat the age of 60. If together, the two men had worked on the musical Ten Commandments, Albert Cohen also produced two of Daniel Lévi’s albums. Moved, it was at the microphone of CNews that he said: “We met when we were 8 years old in Lyon, in the district of La Duchère. Daniel was our pride in Lyon. He was first prize at the Lyon Conservatory at the age of 14. He was an exceptional classical pianist, few people know that. A huge pianist, a huge composer, a huge singer. I was going to say an immense whole, an exceptional being! You can imagine the emotion that is ours.

After revealing that he had experienced a lot of emotions with the singer since his childhood, the producer confided with emotion: “He was someone exceptional, someone pure, real. I supported him, defended him and he did the same for me when I was starting my radio career. I am touched, overwhelmed, it would take me hours to tell you about Daniel. It’s more than a brother who leaves. It’s an exceptional voice that goes away. The desire to love will remain etched in everyone’s memories and brains, I hope. It’s the best tribute we can pay him.” Believing that his friend had not had the career he deserved, Albert Cohen slipped: “He sacrificed his career for his faith, his religion, his practice of religion. He was really very religious.

Albert Cohen: “It’s a 50-year friendship, it’s not trivial”

Referring to the cast of Twelve Commandmentsthe famed producer, recalled: “He came the next day and told me: ‘You know Albert, I wouldn’t sing on Fridays or Saturdays.’ There, we both burst out laughing. A historic giggle that must have lasted a good ten minutes. And then we found the solutions, Daniel didn’t sing on Fridays or Saturdays, which are obviously the two most important evenings in our profession. All this proving his integrity, his involvement and his purity.” Moved, Albert Cohen said : “I retain the memory of a man of incredible fidelity, sensitivity and talent. An exceptional voice, generosity, honesty, joie de vivre, humor. The list is very long to talk about Daniel. I have met exceptional people in my life, but then he… He was more than a brother. My emotion is proportional to everything we’ve been through together.“After revealing he had spoken to him on the phone a week before his death, he added:”We spoke very regularly, we saw each other all the time. It’s a 50-year friendship, it’s not trivial.