its new collection of waterproof watches is a hit with everyone!

With its new collection of watches accompanied by a guarantee and an After-Sales Service, Lidl will once again convince thousands of buyers! And this is not the first success that the discounter announces this year. Indeed, the chain of stores continues to offer novelties at very attractive prices. And the least we can say is that consumers are playing the game and even asking for more! Recently, pretty watches have invaded the shelves of Lidl stores. Objeko tells you more about these accessories that will make more than one crack!

Lidl markets a waterproof watch

The famous German distribution chain hits hard with its new waterproof watch. Not only water resistant, it offers a trendy and summery design. In addition, four color choices are available to you. Thus, everyone can cultivate their own style by choosing the shade they prefer. Black offers an understated alternative. In addition, this color is suitable for both men and women. Do you like shimmering colors? You will fall for the bright red and the electric yellow. Finally, pastel blue offers a softer design, but just as trendy. It’s up to you to choose according to your preferences.

The waterproofness of the Lidl watch is one of its main assets. This characteristic makes it an ideal accessory for the summer. Light, compact and design, this model will not leave your wrist during the summer period. Wherever you go and whatever you do, it will come in handy while modernizing your look. Please note, this is not a scuba diving watch. It will have to be removed to go visit the fish.

Many advantages in terms of design and construction

I was talking about a compact and lightweight design. Indeed, its design is thin and its strap is made of silicone. Soft to the touch, this material makes it comfortable to wear on the wrist. In addition, silicone is a particularly resistant material that guarantees the durability of the watch. As for the dial, it also promises good resistance to shocks and wear. Also, the needles are made from a stainless metal.

Now let’s move on to the working system of the watch. It is a quartz mechanism that will allow it to tell you the time. This gives it real reliability. In addition to being precise, this mechanism is durable. The icing on the cake: Lidl watches are sold with batteries. Once you have chosen your favorite model, all you have to do is tie it around your wrist.

Another significant advantage: the Lidl watch benefits from a guarantee against manufacturing defects. Concretely, if during the three years following the date of purchase, the model you have chosen proves to be defective, you can invoke its guarantee.

Stylish, reliable and robust, Lidl’s waterproof watch has every chance of dressing many wrists this summer!

Lidl offers an extensive and very attractive catalog

Even if you don’t shop at Lidl, you must have noticed the many exclusives from the German firm. Indeed, this one has been talking a lot about her lately. And for good reason, its catalog is full of attractive prices for all kinds of products and accessories that are useful on a daily basis. Among them, kitchen utensils from the famous Silvercrest brand, furniture, barbecues, camping accessories, etc. Not to mention food products, which also have particularly attractive prices while guaranteeing a high level of quality. At Lidl, you can also equip yourself with garden equipment without breaking the bank. Thus, the German firm invites you to embark on the cultivation of flowers and vegetables. One thing you would surely ignore: Lidl stores also offer trendy and eco-responsible clothing that you will accessorize with your new colorful watch!

Currently, know that a promotional offer allows you to obtain this accessory for less than 7 euros! Of course, this exceptional offer is limited in time. Beyond that, you will have to pay 22.99 euros, a price which remains very accessible.