“It’s not always easy”: Guillaume Canet separated from Marion Cotillard? He makes things clear

Tuesday June 14, 2022, Guillaume Canet was invited to the program En aparté, on Canal +. Following the rumors of separation with Marion Cotillard, the actor wanted to make things clear about their couple.

After ten years of friendship, Guillaume Caneand Marion Cotillard fell in love in 2007. After starring together in the film Child games, the couple has multiplied the collaborations. If the actor offered very beautiful roles to his companion, the latter agreed to play a bear in a sketch taken from the Landing on Canal+. Watching an excerpt, it’s on the show As an asideon Canal+, which he confided in a burst of laughter: “I see that I still offered him very good roles in his life. I am very proud to have participated in elevating her acting career.Discussing their romance, the actor added, “It’s still quite crazy that she stays with me, that she continues with me when I see that I am offering her these roles! Or when I see that I make her speak Québécois in Rock’n’Roll. She’s nice though!

During the show, Guillaume Canet revealed the secret of their fifteen years of love. In all transparency, the father of Marcel (10 years old) and Louise (4 years old) confided: “The secret is to also go through very, very complicated periods, eh… As we have experienced a lot of them too, as in all couples. Afterwards, it is a question of knowing if we want to fight or not and it is not always easy. But there are wonderful things too like her strength too that she has.“Moved, the actor added: “Me, it gives me a lot. I don’t know if I bring her that much, but she brings me a lot, that’s it.

Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard would have lived through a complicated period

Saturday March 26, 2022, on the set of TPMP People, the journalist Florian Anselme had assured that the famous couple had separated. “Today, Marion Cotillard, would therefore have left, she would live with a friend, he would have stayed in their beautiful apartment in the west of Paris. It’s a beautiful story that comes to an end.” he had declared. Assuring that Guillaume Canet had “a bit of a reputation for being a womanizer“, the journalist had added: “The couple had the reputation of being a free couple. So maybe they’ve reached their limit on that level.If the couple has never responded to the rumors of separations, it seems that they are very much in love today!