“It’s not fair that they treat me like a criminal”: Edgar Oceransky

Singer Edgar Oceransky announced that he has started a legal process for damages against those who accused him of being a pederast. “There were a number of publications in which he was not ‘alleged’, but they called me a pederast,” the troubadour told René Franco in an interview in which he spoke for the first time about the case.

Oceransky was going to celebrate this year his 20 years dedicated to music with different events and concerts when an audio from 13 years ago began to be released in which, as part of a show, he makes a narration in which he says that it is better to have relationships with young women.

Regarding that audio, Oceransky apologized.

“It was a sketch, at no time was it said that there was that. Today I hear it and it seems to me in terrible taste, it seems to me politically incorrect and it is a sketch that I stopped doing about 13 years ago. I am not proud, far from it, today I know that this topic is tremendously sensitive, that it may not have been taken as a joke and that it is not something that should be spreading. It’s not my way of thinking.”

Last March, Oceransky was accused on Twitter by user Anhelé of harassing her when she was 16 years old. As proof, he published an email in which Edgar asked him to meet her during a tour she did in Tijuana.

Oceransky did not want to speak specifically if the lawsuit that he has launched also considers this woman who accused him. “I can’t talk about it because she’s in demand.”

On the other hand, he did say that what he has lived through during these months has harmed him without there having been a trial before.

“Without trial, without complaint, they declared me guilty. It is not fair that they treat you like a criminal when there is no investigation against you and that is why I will take the Trovafest festival elsewhere; because there are no conditions to organize the festival, not only because the mayor says so, because I am not going to feel sure that at the hour of the hour, someone will suddenly say: ‘Now Edgar Oceransky has been accused of murder, on Twitter’”.