‘It’s pretty mediocre’: Kristoff rants about Omar Chaparro’s work

Mexico City.- In recent weeks omar chaparro It has been a topic of conversation on social networks, first for the release of his new movie, And how is he? and recently sparked controversy after statements he made on the “Pinky Promise” program that he hosts Karla Diazgroup member Jeans (JNS), since he assured that he would never work with some people in the media due to the criticism against him.

During a dynamic of questions and answers, the actor and comedian was honest and launched himself into the jugular of his detractors, this after the question: with which people in the media would you not work? and although he assured that “you should never say never”, at first he wanted to omit names, but after the insistence of Karlita and Paul Stanleywho was also a guest, Omar did not hesitate to confess the identity of those with whom he is not interested in collaborating at the moment.

The statements of the actor of the film “No manches Frida” were direct, clear and forceful, because during the program he assured that both Horace Villalobos, actor and host of TV Azteca; as well as Kristoff Raczyńskiactor and film critic, have dedicated themselves to speaking ill of everyone and lately also of him, as he assures that he has received endless criticism towards his person.

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The comedian assured that he never wants to work with him, after criticizing his work in his new movie. Photo: Special.

“After all, you have no idea what they’ve said about me,” commented Chaparro, when asked by Karla Díaz, “Yes, I prefer to tell them, I wouldn’t work, right now, with Horacio Villalobos and with Kristoff, is this last name?” mister?”.

And he also stressed that it seems that “they are angry with life”, because not only has he been the victim of constant attacks, but countless celebrities.

“And it is not that they are angry with me, it is that they are angry with life and with themselves and that makes me sad, I really want them to do well.”

The short video with this statement was recovered by users on social networks and shared thousands of times, so it quickly went viral and reached the eyes of the youtuber and film critic, Kristoff Raczyńskiwho immediately responded to Omar Chaparro.

Through your account TwitterKristoff sent a strong message to Omar to whom he assured that he is not critical of his person, but of his work as an actor.

After the forceful message to Chaparro, different users divided their positions because there are those who support the film critic and many others who send their support to the comedian.

However, after this situation, it was omar chaparro who shared a message on the same social network, where it is not known if it was dedicated to Kristoff or just a comment on the air:

“Hating is easy, being angry is easy, the complicated thing is to forgive and tell someone that you love them”.

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