“It’s something that changed me”

Marine Corviole


He certainly still has after-effects, but Dave is finally back after his bad fall at the beginning of the year.

Just three months after escaping the worst, Dave is back in music. Wednesday, April 20, the singer was the guest of the show “C to you” to present his “Golden Wedding”, a box set of four CDs that brings together his 50 years of songs with his lyricist and longtime companion, Patrick Loiseau. The opportunity for the interpreter to bluntly evoke the heavy fall he suffered at home on January 24, following which he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and found himself in a coma for four days. A beautiful fright from which he finally recovered, but of which he has no memory: “There, when you fall like that, that you wake up weeks later and that you do not remember anything, no it’s not funny.”

“I am not afraid of death”

The 77-year-old Dutch interpreter added: “It was still something that changed me I think. I’m not going to talk too much about sad topics, but I’ve had a lot to do with death through friends who died of AIDS (…), and I said to myself: “It’s okay” . I am not afraid of death.” On the other hand, everything is not quite back to normal yet: because of this accident and his passage in a coma, Dave must wait at least six months before being able to drive again. But that’s not the big deal, he says…

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“When I get up, I feel like I’m falling. But more serious, and I’m just exaggerating, is that I no longer have taste or smell, and everyone thinks I have Covid. No, it’s just the cerebral hemorrhage that gets stuck. Sequels all the more painful as the singer “loves to eat and cook”! According to her neurologist, her taste and sense of smell could just as well come back overnight, as not come back at all… In the meantime, the star is only waiting for one thing: to go back on stage to find her audience.

Source- https://www.parismatch.com/People/Dave-de-retour-apres-sa-lourde-chute-1801019