“It’s stage fright”: did Gilles Lellouche fart on the set of Une famille en or?

On the occasion of the imminent release of the new film by Guillaume Canet, Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom, Camille Combal received part of the cast on the set ofA gold family. During transmission, a strange noise escaped. All eyes then turned to Gilles Lellouche.

A gold family has never worn his name so well as on this evening of January 20. Because, on the set of Camille Combalwas present a five-star castbrought together by Guillaume Canet for movie purposes Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom. An ambitious project, since this opus has the second largest budget in the history of the franchise, and a real challenge for the director to come to terms with the fine flower of French cinema. TF1 viewers were able to see some of the difficulty of his task, showing compassion for Camille Combal, overwhelmed by very dissipated guests. Four teams competed to try to win 100,000 euros for the benefit of an association. But the game quickly turned to games of bad faithwhere settling scores, cheating attempts and galleys have found their place among the correct answers.

Gilles Lellouche betrayed by his dissipated teammates

Heads of their respective teams, Guillaume Canet and Gilles Lellouche, who embody the legendary Gallic duo on the screen, may have cropped up their teammates, but that was not necessarily enough to maintain the established order. When it’s not Audrey Lamy who was committing a funny dumpling, it is the interpreter of Obélix who put himself in the sauce. All because of a sound of fart released during a deciding round that he appropriated without firing a shot. “Who did that ?”, asked a Camille Combal, hilarious and disconcerted by so much lightness. In reality, it is jonathan cohenseeing his stressed captain, who quietly made this sound with his mouthbefore pointing at it. “It’s stage fright”reacted the happy daddy, who assumed the childishness of his teammates. An odorless butt, apart from that of the money collected in the end for the good cause.

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