“It’s starting to break my neck *****”: Xavier Dolan totally loses his temper on the set of En aparté

Xavier Dolan was invited on the set of En Aparté this Monday, January 23. But while he was talking about his profession, the Quebec director was very annoyed by evoking the recurring remarks he hears when talking about his films.

This Monday, January 23, Xavier Dolan was invited to As an asideon Canal+, to talk about his very first series, The night Laurier Gaudreault woke up. A fiction in five episodes adapted from the eponymous play by Canadian playwright Michel Marc Bouchard, and in which we find in particular the director’s favorite actress, Anne Dorval. An actress, who, according to Nathalie Levy, represents “the figure of the mother” in most Xavier Dolan productions. An observation that the latter does not really seem to share.

It’s a sentence that I find a bit iterative. I was talking about it with Anne the other day, but there are as many mother characters as there are women on Earth. It’s a very broad theme”confided the Quebec filmmaker, before specifying his vision of the characters: “I don’t care if she makes a mother. It’s not interesting. She can’t say ‘I play the role of a mother’ but ‘I play the role of a woman who wants to become a mother. A woman with ambitions, whose ambitions are thwarted by an unfortunate incident’. That’s his character. It’s not ‘I play a mother’. Just like me, I don’t play a homosexual”.

Xavier Dolan: “the theme that really interests me is life”

Visibly annoyed, Xavier Dolan ended up losing his temper and saying what was on his heart. “So when people talk to me about the topics of motherhood or homosexuality, it really starts to break my balls because they are not themes”, he got carried away. And to add:they are stories above all and then they are individuals, characters. So I think the theme that really interests me from the beginning is life and it’s people.”

Xavier Dolan annoyed at being compared to Pedro Almodovar

“JI felt annoyance“, then noted the host of En Aparté. To which Xavier Dolan replied: “because these are questions which are very frequent and which do not show an obtuse understanding of what a human being is”. The 33-year-old director concluded by giving another example of comparison that irritates him to the highest degree. “It’s like when people talk to me about Almodovar because of my films, because I’m gay, it’s colorful and there are strong women. It’s reductive for me and for Almodovar. Our cinemas have nothing in common. (…) PFor me, to hear comparisons like that really show a total misunderstanding of what it is to create a universe and have your own identity”. A frank development which has the merit of being clear.

Source- https://www.closermag.fr/people/ca-commence-a-me-casser-les-cou-xavier-dolan-perd-totalement-son-sang-froid-sur-le-plateau-d-en-aparte-1686255