“It’s the Marie Trintignant scenario”: the risky words of the judoka’s lawyer accused by Margaux Pinot

Wednesday June 15, 2022, Alain Schmitt went to the set of C à vous, on France 5, accompanied by his lawyer. Faced with Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, Me Caroline Wassermann made unfortunate remarks.

Friday June 10, 2022, Alain Schmitt was released on appeal for acts of domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend, Margaux Pinot. While the latter did not contest the court’s decision, it was on the set of It’s up to you, on France 5, that the judoka gave himself up. “It was seven months with a lot of doubts and work to unravel the true from the false. Sleepless nights…“, he said. After many months of waiting, justice finally re-examined the facts which took place on the night of November 27 to 28, 2021 and concluded that Margaux Pinot allegedly lied accusing him of domestic violence. Indeed, his account would state contradictions.

Faced with Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and her columnists, Alain Schmitt’s lawyer, Me Caroline Wassermann lamented: “She lied about how things happened. She lied about the outbreak of the quarrel since in truth it is she who attacks Alain (…) Afterwards, in the investigation with the police, we observed manipulations and small modifications of the crime scene (…) There was a whole system developed in a clever way by Margaux Pinot, that did not make money either in court or in the court of appeal.To support his remarks, the lawyer had risky words when evoking the story of Marie Trintignant. On August 1, 2003, at the age of 41, the actress died of cerebral edema three days after being beaten by her companion, the leader of the rock group Noir Désir, Bertrand Cantat.

Me Caroline Wassermann: “Marie Trintignant died after ten days in a coma”

During this interview, the lawyer confided:I would just like to bounce on the history of the blows because Margaux Pinot said that she had taken about nine punches in the face and that she had her head hit on the ground and then on the wall several times… That’s the screenplay Marie Trintignant!” Me Caroline Wassermann added: “Marie Trintignant died after ten days of coma, Margaux Pinot, a few days later she was jogging and took a photo of herself on Twitter jogging. It is also in the ridiculous lies… Anyway!“To conclude, the judoka’s lawyer slipped: “I wanted to say it, it’s interesting, it was three women at the Bobigny court and three women at the Paris Court of Appeal. We can not say that there was any bias!