“It’s touching to see my granddaughter happy”

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After celebrating the wedding of her granddaughter Ilona Smet in the spring, Sylvie Vartan was back in France in early July to celebrate the birth of her great-grandson.

At 77, Sylvie Vartan became a great-grandmother for the first time. Saturday July 2, her granddaughter Ilona Smet announced the birth of her first child, a little boy she shares with her husband Kamran. A happy event for which Sylvie Vartan returned to France, in order to share this happiness with the family. While she was the surprise guest of the Festival des Livres des Artistes, organized in Paris on July 2 and 3, the yéyé star confided in Paris Match about this birth which fills her with joy.

“I came for this! I traveled all the way to meet him. I am delighted to have seen it, it makes the happiness of his parents and his family. Let it continue! It’s a real happiness and to have a beautiful grandchild is wonderful, it’s very touching to see my granddaughter so happy. If becoming a great-grandmother does not do much for her, to think on the other hand that her son David Hallyday becomes a grandfather gives her a funny impression: “It feels weird. We say to ourselves: “How?” Because he’s my baby anyway and it will always be like that. When you’re a parent, years don’t count.

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Following Ilona’s announcement on social networks, her father David Hallyday did not fail to share his joy for a comment: “Welcome to this young Jedi in this crazy world !! He fell on the right side of the tree with two beautiful and loving parents!! I love you forever,” rejoiced the 55-year-old grandfather. A happiness shared by his ex-wife Estelle Lefébure, Ilona’s mother and her sister Emma Smet: “The birth of this little angel is living proof of love.” Tatas filled, Laura Smet and Darina Scotti, the half-sisters of David Hallyday have also shown their joy.

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Already in the spring, Sylvie Vartan had made the trip to attend the wedding of Ilona and Kamran organized in the south of France. But to live these moments with her family, the singer must overcome her anxiety about planes: “It comes in waves, they are phobic fears so it’s very difficult to reason,” she explained. “I don’t like being up in the air like that. At times I don’t care and at times I’m freaked out, but I’m going anyway. I am brave !”

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Already ready to leave, the interpreter plans to return to France at the end of the summer, in order to prepare for a concert scheduled for September 7 near Lyon. “I don’t miss France as I come back four times a year. Air France is happy!”

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