“I’ve always wished for it”: Tim Lobinger, who is suffering from cancer, is a grandfather

“I always wished”
Cancer patient Tim Lobinger is a grandfather

Last fall, Tim Lobinger addressed the public with shocking news: there are probably no longer any chances of a cure for his cancer. Now, however, the ex-pole vaulter has every reason to be happy – at the age of only 50 he became a grandfather for the first time.

Former pole vaulter Tim Lobinger has become a grandfather. He and his daughter Fee confirmed this in an interview with the magazine “Bunte”.

“The little one is unbelievable,” says Tim Lobinger happily in the interview. According to the report, his granddaughter was born just before Christmas. It bears the name Fia, derived from the Italian, which means something like “the fiery” or “the flame”. This name fits “perfectly now,” explains Fee Lobinger. With her daughter, “a little firework came into our lives,” she adds.

“I always wanted to become a young grandpa,” reveals Tim Lobinger, who is only 50. The former high-performance athlete is proud of Fee and her husband Jonas, who “do everything with such great coolness” that he can “lean back and relax”. But he still hasn’t been able to meet Fia because “I’m still too weak for long car journeys at the moment”.

“My cancer is too aggressive”

Lobinger has cancer and is currently undergoing therapy at the University Hospital in Würzburg. He was diagnosed with leukemia in early 2017. Initially, he was able to defeat the cancer with stem cell therapy, but the disease returned. In October last year, he gave a gloomy forecast in an interview with the “Bild” newspaper. “There will be no more healing for me. My cancer is too aggressive,” he said. Doctors told him his death was near. He should therefore make arrangements, deal with his funeral and say goodbye to his loved ones.

About two weeks ago, Tim Lobinger gave another health update. “The last few weeks and months have been bumpy and challenging. An obstacle course of work and treatments that has left me breathless,” he wrote on his Instagram page. At the same time he was combative. In his life “there has always been more optimism”. That’s why his motto is: “Let’s go in 2023.”

Tim Lobinger had already confirmed in the “Bunte” interview last summer that he had already been able to lead his daughter to the altar. “That day I was just the father of the bride, not Tim who was suffering from cancer. That was really good for me,” he said at the time.

The look goes ahead

“Of course it would have been nice to hold Fee’s hand more often during pregnancy, but it just wasn’t possible,” explains Tim Lobinger in the current interview. It’s still about “looking ahead and drawing energy from beautiful things”. When they are together, they think about “what else we want to experience,” adds daughter Fee.

Tim Lobinger is currently training so that he can soon visit his daughter, her partner and his grandchild. Until then, he will get new photos or videos from Fia every day – or there will be a video chat, for example.