“I’ve thought about the damage I’ve done and the times I’ve been wrong: Brad Pitt makes his debut as a sculptor with impressive works of plaster and bronze in the midst of a surprising reflection on life | People | Entertainment

Brad Pitt is one of the consecrated stars of Hollywoodwho not only keeps the achievements and having triumphed in the cinemabut in addition to all his awardshas a great passion for sculpture. So much so, that the actor recently made his debut at the Sara Hilden Art Museum in Tampere, Finlandwhere he exhibited some of his works.

This exposure of art called “We”, was inaugurated on September 18, and will remain open until January 15, 2023. The same presentation was promoted by the British sculptor Thomas Houseagowho turned to both Pitt and the singer-songwriter Australian Nick Cave to show his art for the first time, as reported by El Periodico.

Brad Pitt’s works of art at the Museum of Finland

During the opening of the exhibition, Brad Pitt pointed out that art consists in being honest in the face of life and admitted that while he spent time making them, he reflected on the failure of human relationships. “I have made a radical inventory of myself and I have thought about the damage I have done to others and the times when I have been wrong,” the actor told the magazine. TV finnish YLE.

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According to El Mundo, his works include several silicone sculptures; a bronze box the size of a coffin that shows hands, feet and faces that try to cross the structure at various angles, as well as a transparent sculpture in the shape of a house with bullet impacts of different calibers, in which the trajectory can be seen of the projectiles, “freezing their destructive movement”, as explained by the museum.

But, without a doubt, among the exhibited works the first creation of the famous actor of Hollywood, entitled “House A Go Go”, which began to be dedicated to her after her divorce with the actress Angelina Jolie in 2017.

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This creation represents a miniature house made up of discarded blocks of wood that Pitt picked up from the floor in the studio that his friend Thomas Houseago has in The Angels. The actor’s other works include a plaster cast panel that refers to a narrative scene of a gunfight.

For his part, the musician Australian Nick Cave also presented his work as a sculptor for the first time in public, and features a series of 17 handmade glazed ceramic figures, painted and enameled.

This work, entitled “The Devil – A Life”, represents “the life of the devil in 17 seasons, from innocence to the confrontation with our mortality, passing through experience”, according to the Finnish museum. . (AND)

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