Ivonne Montero wins “The House of Celebrities 2” and divides opinions

Ivonne Montero wins “The House of Celebrities 2” and divides opinionsas many expected the winner to be Tony Costa or even the actor nacho cassano. From the first days in the house, Montero was gaining sympathy but some of her classmates when leaving her accused her of being two-faced.

With 200 thousand dollars prize and the opportunity to participate in a new Telemundo production, Ivonne Montero was happy to have won the contest, as she assures that she was honest at all times and always tried to give herself respect, although this earned her strong encounters with other participants such as Niurka and Laura Bozzo.

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After a long career in soap operas and as the happy mother of a girl with whom she will finally be able to meet again, Yvonne Montero She was grateful and excited, because this program has been like a reset in her artistic career, allowing her to reach a new audience.

The competition was very close, in second place was the actor Salvador Zerboni. They were four finalists where Yvonne Montero She was the only woman and managed to be crowned thanks to the support she received in the votes that were left in this way:

  • First place: Ivonne Montero (33.8 percent of the votes)
  • Second place: Salvador Zerboni (32.6 percent of the votes)
  • Third place: Nacho Casano (19 percent of the votes)
  • Fourth place: Toni Costa (14.6 percent of the votes)

Yvonne Montero She was the last to leave the house where she and her classmates had spent weeks trying to gain the support of the public, and deeply moved, she met with the rest of her classmates. In 91 days Ivonne lived through everything and today she sees the result of her effort and her patience.

Niurka Markos was the great absentee from the gala, because since her departure she was extremely upset with the contest and its organization, but while the final was broadcast, she shared messages of support from her fans and some of her best moments in “The house of the famous 2” through their social networks.

What is known about “The House of Celebrities 3”

During the last week of activities “The house of the famous” It featured the participation of various celebrities, where Erika Buenfil and Marjorie de Sousa stood out, who pointed out that it could be part of the third installment.

Now during the transmission of the final of “The house of the famous 2” It was also announced that in its next edition it will feature people who are not famous, so many are waiting for the call to join the famous reality show.

For now, social networks are filled with messages in favor of Yvonne Montero and her followers hope that this happy occasion will be the turning point of new opportunities for the actress.

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