Izïa Higelin: this song that she wrote while strongly feeling the presence of her deceased father

This Friday, June 10, Izïa Higelin was the guest of Yann Barthès in Daily. The singer said she strongly felt the presence of her deceased father while writing a song for her new album.

On June 3, Izïa Higelin’s new album was released. On this new cake called Speedthe daughter of Jacques Higelin, who died on April 6, 2018, surrenders to love and nostalgia. “There was a lot of magic on this album”, she confided last night to Yann Barthès on the set of Daily during the traditional promotional exercise accompanying the release of a new album. At this precise moment of the interview, we can hear in the background The curea song haunted by the ghost of his father. Moved, Izïa reveals that she wrote this song strongly feeling the presence of Jacques Higelin.

I was at La Frette [un studio d’enregistrement en région parisienne], on this large terrace outside. I smoked my cigarette, I looked at the sky and I thought of my father aloud: ‘When am I going to mourn’? » Izia Higelin knows that only time can heal. ” bastien [Burger, son co-compositeur et producteur] was playing the piano inside the house. I heard him play, I was in my thoughts and there was an atmosphere that was starting to build. » The singer moved in with Bastien Burger and began to sing: “Time passing is the cure for life”, as if her father had “whispered” these words in her ear.

The impossible mourning of Izïa Higelin

Jacques Higelin is greatly missed by his children. In particular to Izïa who recently confided in the magazine Psychologies : “ I was raised by someone exceptional. An artist, hypersensitive like me, a poet, a father who loved me with absolute love. A beautiful declaration of love from a child shaken by the death of her father. ” The lack of my father is violent. That of his gaze on me is a void that nothing and no one can fill. It will make me limp all my life. But it’s like that. “Izïa Higelin, connected to her father” permanently “, will undoubtedly pay tribute to him in the most beautiful way, on stage, in the months to come.