J Álvarez begins a new cycle in his career | shows

The release of J Álvarez’s new album, El Toque de Midas, represents the beginning of a new cycle for his career as he celebrates his 15-year career.

The urban artist is already working with his team in what he hopes will be a town party to celebrate his journey through urban music.

“I want to do it different. Everyone is going to Coca Cola or the Colosseum, I want to do it more for the people. I would like it to be free and that everyone can go. I want to celebrate with Puerto Rico because all my inspiration is from Puerto Rico. I want to have a party with the people and celebrate my 15 years”, expressed the reggaeton player to THE SPOKESPERSON.

That desire to celebrate with his fans and in a non-traditional way, responds to his feelings about the pandemic in his life. For Javid David Álvarez Fernández, his first name, the confinement due to the pandemic meant giving his professional career a new twist.

“The pandemic made me see reality. I realized that the one who doesn’t start over is stuck. If you supposedly already achieved what you wanted, then where are you going now? You have to go back to basics. Start again. Make music, promotion, clubbing. Small presentations and not necessarily massive events”, said the voice of The Question.

The confinement made him realize that he needed to start over in his career, so he focused on making music “so that when the world opened, he could have a new and fresh musical proposal.”

That is precisely what he wants to achieve with El Toque de Midas, his new record production, which has 20 songs, most of which he wrote.

“The Midas Touch is a concept that everything I touch turns to gold. So the idea of ​​the project was that each song when you listen to it has to feel like a radio ‘single’. The idea with this album is that each theme, in each style, be a stick. That people identify with the theme and the years go by and that song continues to be liked as when the album came out, “explained Álvarez.

In this album he also presents collaborations with artists such as: Jacob Forever, El Micha, Alexis, Franco “El Gorila”, Jonna Torres, Carlitos Rossy, Wyclef Jean and Ñengo Flow, among others.

The album includes “Haré, Haré” a romantic song that bets on seduction and complicity under the promise of being unforgettable, which has exceeded 4.2 million views. While the Chemistry theme, together with Ñengo Flow, currently has more than 3 million views on YouTube, in just one month.

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