J Balvin and Ed Sheeran team up for the premiere of an unreleased EP with two songs | celebrity | rmmn | SHOWS

A couple of days ago, the urban singer J Balvin used his social networks to share with his followers that he joined Ed Sheeran at the launch of a new musical project, which has just been released: an EP with two unreleased songs, “Sigue” and “Forever My Love”.

SIGHT: J Balvin joins Ed Sheeran for a new musical project: “Everything good takes time”

On the EP, “Sigue” is a happy song of reggaeton and dance, while “Forever My Love” is a love ballad. With these songs, both artists show their ability to not only combine styles in different genres, but also their ability to diversify the type of music they write and present.

Since their publication on YouTube, the video clips for “Sigue” and “Forever my love” have achieved more than half a million views each, so it is estimated that they will exceed one million views in just their first day.

According to the Colombian in his Instagram post, this project was born from a friendship between the two when Ed Sheeran heard Balvin speak one morning at the gym and recognized his voice. What started as a conversation between friends turned into a joint project.

“Everything good takes time. 6 months ago he was in the gym and I said this man looks like Ed Sheeran. Well, that’s how it was, he was him. We have a coffee, we talk about life and we stay with a chimba vibe and creating a genuine friendship talking from the simplest to how to be a father “, J Balvin told in his networks.

“I wanted him to be on a theme in the world of Reggaeton and he invited me to his world. It was brutal to hear it in Spanish and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Much love and peace on earth.” he added.


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