Jacky Bracamontes shows her toy doll in networks and is criticized

Social networks are often cruel and this time Jacky Bracamontes He lived it, since today he showed his toy doll, which is why criticism rained down on him about the false resemblance, many of his followers became very intense.

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For some time now it is common for some celebrities to have their toy dolland this time Jacky Bracamontes was chosen, so she shared a small video in which she showed the doll accompanied by a word, “in love”.

After this publication immediately their followers They began to fill the comments section where they criticized the false resemblance that she has with the driver, “the doll is beautiful and Jacky is also beautiful but I do NOT see any resemblance between the two”, “reality surpasses fiction, you are much more pretty!!!”.

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And many more of this type, even a user said hypocrites to all those who thought of positive way, of which several asked when it could be for sale to acquire it. The doll features a pink ball gown with one sleeve and slits, as well as brown hair and brown eyes.

But not everything is bad vibes, since through his stories he shared a beautiful photograph of his family, with which he congratulated them on the International Family Daysuper cute in the company of her husband and five daughters, as you can tell she loves being a mom.

So far they are news most relevant that the driver has shared on her social networks, although the theme of the doll will surely be several days old, if it goes on sale it will be crazy, since many of her loyal followers do want to acquire it.

At the moment we settle for outfits that she shares, which give her followers ideas to wear on special occasions or on normal days, she is one of the celebrities who never loses glamorI don’t remember ever seeing her in fachas.

Each outfit combines trendy textures and colors, one of her latest outfits was her mini dress with openings that she wore on Mother’s Day, a garment that marked her statuesque figure and the elegance that she always projects, the driver is an elegant woman.

We will keep you up to date with any news, be it details of your life, outfits elegant or casual and peculiarities like her toy doll that she shared with all her followers on social networks, we expect many surprises.

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