Jacky Bracamontes surprises by showing herself without makeup

The actress and presenter was natural in a video she posted on Instagram. Her followers were quick to react.

Jacky Bracamontes surprised her thousands of followers on Instagram where she posted a video in which she appears without a drop of makeup.

In a video published on her profile, the actress and presenter showed the before and after of a makeup session. Her fans celebrated her natural beauty and the simplicity with which she shows how she looks every day in the privacy of her home.

In the video you can see at first the famous with a playful attitude and with her face completely washed, her hair looks somewhat disheveled. A produced Jacky is then seen, complete with impressive makeup.

“My dear @laurasbarcelo and I playing and laughing a little!” She wrote in the post tagging her makeup artist.

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The actress and host surprised her followers with this video she posted on Instagram. Illustrative and non-commercial images. https://www.instagram.com/p/CeoStsUD0u7/

The reactions of his followers did not wait, some celebrated that it appears natural, as it is, without retouching or editing. Others highlighted how different she looks with and without makeup.

“Goddess”, “Super beautiful”, “Prettier, impossible”, “I like you more naturally, without makeup”, were some of the comments. “What makeup does”, “That’s why they say there are no ugly women”, “It’s another”, highlighted others of his followers.